COVID-19 Policy

Important policy updates


Our Senior Management Team is monitoring the Covid-19 situation every hour.
Our only concern is making sure our employees, customers and your residents stay safe through this time. This heightened caution applies to any work that we are in process of or need to schedule in the weeks to come.
Please be aware of our policies concerning all work and our communications processes. If you have any questions, please call the office and speak with Steven: (480) 797-6458


Until further notice, AKP Services is not working in OCCUPIED units unless the resident(s) have vacated the unit, or prior arrangements have been made with the AKP office.
All AKP field techs have been instructed to contact Property Managers or Maintenance Supervisors in advance to open units via phone or text, to avoid face to face interaction with everyone on pro property if possible.
AKP staff will clean and disinfect surfaces we touch.
Our team will maintain a 6-foot zone of (social distancing).
Any AKP Team member will go home or stay home if they experience symptoms such as fever, cough, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.


If working inside an occupied unit is critical, AKP staff will ALWAYS wear gloves and a respirator.
The resident can allow AKP staff access, then leave the residence while the work is completed. If the residence cannot leave, this job must be discussed with the office before work is scheduled. If possible, reschedule the work until the Coronavirus pandemic is no longer a concern for employees or residents.
Any other special arrangements with property manager and AKP office must be approved in advance.


Please contact Steven at the office with any questions: (480) 797-6458